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Dr. Miguel Powers, a Fullerton College English Professor, has been awarded both Fullerton College Teacher of the Year and the Extended Opportunity Program and Services Outstanding Teacher of the Year.  As a Service Learning advocate, he created an After School Shakespeare Club, where Fullerton College students mentor middle school students through a Shakespearean play.  He emphasizes collaborative learning, contextualized writing, meta-cognition and self-discovery.


Professional Learning


Currently, he co-facilitates a statewide Community of Practice (CoP) implementing and researching growth mindset strategies to improve student success.  This CoP is part of the California Community College Success Network (3CSN) and includes multi-discipline teams from nearly twenty colleges.  


In addition, for the last fourteen years he trained and supervised Student Facilitators in the Transfer Achievement Program, an award winning, multi-discipline, student success program. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.